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A small cancer that went undetected in a traditional 2D mammography scan (left) was detected in a 3D mammogram (right).

What is tomosynthesis?

Earlier this year, Siemens Healthineers broke new ground in the area of high-definition tomosynthesis, aka “3D Mammography”, when the FDA approved their MAMMOMAT Revelation system. This unit is equipped with the latest in wide-angle technology, which helps find even the smallest cancers earlier and with greater accuracy than existing 3D and 2D mammography.

Siemens utilizes cutting-edge EMPIRE technology, which utilizes a 50 degree angle sweep (versus 15 degrees for Hologic, and 25 degrees for GE). This system is also the first mammography platform to offer an automated breast density assessment at the point of examination. High breast density can increase the risk of developing cancer.

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Learn more about Siemens’ advancements in tomosynthesis & 3D mammography on their website.

The first in Southern California

LSG Imaging is proud to announce its partnership with Siemens, becoming the first diagnostic radiology group in California (and one of the first 10 in the entire United States) to offer this upgraded, wide-angle imaging technology.

Tomosynthesis screenings are now available at both our Santa Monica and Beverly Hills locations. During your procedure, you can expect personalized soft compression for maximum patient comfort as well as diagnostic accuracy.

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At the RSNA Conference in 2018, Dr. Brandie Fagin of Rush Oak Park Hospital spoke with Siemens about how wide-angle tomosynthesis has helped her to visualize more abnormal lesions and reduce the number of screening procedures necessary to diagnose.